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Leveraging Incidental CAC on Chest CT Boosts Statin Therapy

Neurotoxin to Avert Postoperative AF: Patient Selection Clues in NOVA

Patient App Aids Decisions on Anticoagulants: ENHANCE-AF

Exercise Rx in Breast Cancer Care Gets a Boost From BREXIT

Renal Denervation Trial for Hypertension Is a Near Miss

Be Aware, Mindfulness Training Can Lower Systolic BP: MB-BP

Tirzepatide Cuts BP During Obesity Treatment

Statins Boost Glycemia Slightly, but CVD Benefits Prevail

IRONMAN Galvanizes Case for IV Iron Repletion in Heart Failure

Baxdrostat Slashes BP in Resistant Hypertension: BrigHTN

BRIGHT-4: Is Bivalirudin Poised for a Comeback in STEMI PCI?

First-Line AF Ablation Cuts Risk of Progression vs Drug Therapy

No Benefit of Rivaroxaban in COVID Outpatients: PREVENT-HD

Rapidly Optimize HF Meds After Hospital Discharge: STRONG-HF

If a Saphenous Graft Is Available, Treat CLTI Surgically

EHR-based Thromboembolism Risk Tools Boosts Prophylaxis

Four-Drug Combo Gets BP Down in One Step: QUARTET-USA

Precision CAD Testing Shows 70% Cut in Composite Risk at 1 Year

Steroids Fail to Deliver Clear Benefits in Infant Heart Surgery

Dietary Supplements Hyped as LDL-Lowering Are a Bust: SPORT

In Refractory VF, DSED or VC Defibrillation Both Beat Standard Tx

Olpasiran Provides Large Sustained Cut in Lp(a): OCEAN(a)-DOSE

ISCHEMIA-EXTEND: Conservative CAD Management Holds Up

New Trial Suggests CV Benefit With EPA: RESPECT-EPA

Acute Heart Failure Risk Assessment Improves Outcomes

In CABG, Radial Artery Works Best for Second Key Graft

Chinese Herbal Medicine May Offer Benefits in STEMI: CTS-AMI

Avoid Routine Early ECMO in Severe Cardiogenic Shock: ECMO-CS

CRISPR Gene Editing Takes Next Step in TTR Amyloidosis

No Survival Gain for Torsemide vs Furosemide in HF: TRANSFORM-HF

Triglyceride Lowering Fails to Show CV Benefit in Large Fibrate Trial

Diuretic Agents Equal to Prevent CV Events in Hypertension: DCP

Heart Transplant Outcomes Similar With COVID-19–Positive Donors

Puzzling, Unique ECG From Pig-to-Human Transplanted Heart

Edoxaban Safe, Effective in Kids With Heart Disease: ENNOBLE-ATE

Marital Stress Tied to Worse Outcome in Young MI Patients

Uptake of High-Sensitivity Troponin Assays Lags in US Hospitals

AHA 2022 to Recapture In-Person Vibe but Preserve Global Reach