Dear colleagues!

I welcome you on behalf of the Organizing Committee of the XI International Forum for Cardiology and Internal Medicine, which will be held from March 22 to 24, 2022 in Moscow. Due to the current situation, this year the event will be held online.

In 2022, the Forum Scientific Committee received 110 applications for oral presentations and lectures from various cities of Russia and the CIS countries. The Scientific Committee included 86 reports in the program. The main part of the program is made up of current topics in cardiology and somatic diseases, including such as: systemic atherosclerosis, coronary syndrome, coronary artery disease, the use of high technologies, cardio-oncology, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, connective tissue dysplasia, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, nephrology, cognitive impairment and family medicine. A separate symposium and lectures are devoted to the problems of coronovirus infection.

The scientific program consists of 18 symposiums, including: a plenary session, a round table, 4 clinical lectures, 6 symposiums of regional medical schools, 3 joint symposiums with the CIS countries, and 3 thematic symposiums. The program is academic and independent, as the organizers give preference to the developments of domestic and foreign clinicians and researchers. This is an incentive for the development of clinical science in the regions and countries of the CIS.

Traditionally, a collection of scientific papers is published within the framework of the forum. This year it includes 74 articles and abstracts on cardiovascular and other somatic diseases. The papers were reviewed by three reputable independent experts and were highly appreciated. For citation, the collection received an international book qualification number. The publication is in the public domain on the official website of the Foundation and in the near future the publication will be placed in the e-library electronic database.

Registration fees are not required to participate in the forum, and recordings of reports will be available on the website of the Cardioprogress Foundation for 365 days.

All registered participants are expected to receive participation certificates. Detailed information is available on the official website of the Cardioprogress Foundation:

I hope that the Forum will give you the opportunity to systematize and acquire new knowledge in the field of treatment and prevention of internal diseases, which will improve the efficiency of your daily work.

I wish you success and fruitful work.


Mekhman N.  Mamedov

MD, PhD, Professor of cardiology, Foreign Member of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Tajikistan,

President of the Cardioprogress Foundation, Chief Editor International Heart and Vascular Diseases Journal

March 17, 2022