Russian scientific events 2013

20.03.2013 – 22.03.2013 Ivanovo
IX Congress of Hypertension

29.03.2013-29.03.2013 Moscow
Moscow International Forum of Cardiology

29.03.2013-29.03.2013 Tomsk
Russian Congress of young scientists “ Important questions in clinician and experimental cardiology” 

03.04.2013-04.04.2013 Moscow
Cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation 2013

04.04.2013-06.04.2013 Moscow
1st International educational forum “Heart’s days in Russia” 

19.05.2013-21.05.2013 Moscow
17th annual session of The Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery (Bakoulev CCVS) of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences 

29.05.2013-31.05.2013 Moscow
V Russian Congress in functional diagnosis 2013

13.06.2013-15.06.2013 Moscow
V Russian Congress of Arrhythmology

23.09.2013-24.09.2013 Orenburg
VIII Russian seminar devoted professor Belokon’ N.A. “Inflammation of the myocardium” 

25.09.2013-27.09.2013 Sent-Petersbugr
Russian Congress of Cardiology

05.11.2013-09.11.2013 Kemerovo
School for young scientists in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery

07.11.2013-09.11.2013 Moscow
The Congress of the Russian Association of Radiologists «Radiation diagnostics and therapy in national projects»

21.11.2013-22.11.2013 Moscow
Master class "Modern surgical techniques in the treatment of aneurysmal aortic lesions in different locations»

24.11.2013-27.11.2013 Moscow
XIX National Congress of Cardiovascular Surgeons

04.12.2013-06.12.2013 Moscow
1st National Congress of Regenerative Medicine

05.12.2013-06.12.2013 Moscow
XIII Congress «Heart Failure 2013»

06.12.2013-07.12.2013 Moscow
Training course " Microsurgical technique in coronary surgery"